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pricing list

Ombre/ Powder Brows …..$695
Combination Eyebrows …..$795
Areola restoration- Bilateral….. $625
Areola restoration- Single …..$485
Lash line Enhancement….. $585

Yearly Touch Ups
up to 6 months….. $250
7-12 month…..$335
13-18 months…..$380
19-24 months…..$450
25+ months….. New client fee
if 2 appointments are needed

*One touch up included. Must be done within 6-8 weeks
Additional (6-8 weeks from 1st touch up)….. $185

*Prices subject to change without notice.

*A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on all appointment bookings.
The deposit goes towards your balance.

ombre  powder brows

3 hours | $695 
one touch-up included

    With this technique, a machine is used to achieve a soft, natural powder look. The results are very similar to filling in your eyebrows with powder makeup. By brushing the skin with a small needle, I gently build the color layer by layer. 

    This is my personal favorite technique for a few reasons. Reason #1: this technique is the least traumatizing to the skin. It’s created by using very light pressure which lessens your risk of scarring. Reason #2: It ages the best. When your brows start to fade the color just starts to disappear more consistently throughout the eyebrow. Reason # 3: This technique is less selective in terms of ideal candidacy and can be more successful for those with oily/acne prone skin, larger pores, aging skin, sensitive skin, and even those who have had previous permanent makeup. 

    The only difference between Ombre and Powder brows are the starting points. Powder brows are the same density (darkness) from the tail, the body and starting point of the brow. This is the preferred technique for clients who like wear more makeup or want a bold eyebrow look. The Ombre technique is the more natural looking of the two as it gradually lightens from the tail to starting point, leaving you with a softer starting result.



3 hours | $695
one touch-up included

Microblading is a manual technique. An ultra-fine blade is used to create very thin lines aka hair strokes that are strategically placed to simulate the appearance of real eyebrow hairs. This yields a realistic and natural result that can give the brow a fuller appearance. It’s perfect for those with are looking to achieve fuller eyebrows. 

This technique is also a great way to darken and reshape the eyebrows. Microblading is not recommended for everyone. The best results will be on clients with sparse brows but full brows as the strokes will seamlessly blend with the real hair. It works best on normal to dry skin type with small pores.

combination eyebrows

3.5 hours | $795
one touch up included

Having a hard time deciding? This technique gives you the best of both worlds! The combo brow technique combines the hair strokes of microblading with the shading of Ombre. This technique is great if you are wanting the hair stroke look but with more definition than microblading. It is also excellent for those who are wanting to update their shape and have coarse, thick eyebrow hair. The combination of strokes and shading help to add dimension in patchy spots or the areas that lack hair due to over-plucking.

lip blush

3 hours | $625
one touch up included

    Lip blush will yield a sheer tint of color will bring life back to pale lips. This procedure will help enhance and contour your lip shape without seeing a harsh defining line. Lip blush is a great way to add fullness as well as correct asymmetry. 

    Pain and discomfort are kept to a minimum by using good quality numbing creams. I offer a variety of colors to choose from or we can create a custom shade by mixing pigments. Lip blush is meant to give you a natural result it is not intended to replace lipstick. 

    To ensure your lips are ready for the procedure, you’ll want to hydrate extra to days leading up to your appointment! So, drink lots of water and keep your lips moisturized. Gently exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub the day before and the morning off your procedure. Mix equal parts of sugar, honey and olive oil for a DIY lip scrub! Do not over exfoliate as I cannot work on injured lips.

Please note: Dark lip correction requires three sessions. The first and second session are focused on neutralizing the cool/dark tones with a warm color.

If you’ve ever experienced a cold sore on your lips (even just one) it is crucial that you get an antiviral prescription from your doctor and take it 2 days before and after your lip procedure. Valtrex and Acyclovir are recommended.


lashline enhancement

2 hours | $585
one touch up included

     Lash line enhancement is a thin dark brown or black line placed on your upper lash line. This subtle enhancement gives the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes by filling in the gaps. It a great way to add definition to your eyes without it feeling overdone. Pain and discomfort are kept to a minimum by using good quality numbing creams. Believe it or not, most client say “it tickles”! Taking an antihistamine pill half an hour prior to your appointment will help those with sensitive, watery eyes. There is no downtime, if any swelling is noticed, it is minimal (comparable to crying).


areola restoration

2 .5 hours | $625 bilateral, $485 unilateral 
one touch up included

    This is an advanced procedure that yields a hyper realistic image of an areola and a nipple after breast reconstruction surgery. 3D nipple and areola tattoos are less invasive therefore they are often used instead of nipple reconstruction surgery. 

    The treatment is performed with a traditional tattoo machine and ink (not pigments) using disposable and sterile needles. 

However, unlike permanent makeup that last one to three years, tattooed nipples and areolas tend to last much longer. A high percentage of women have no sensation after their mastectomy, making the procedure virtually painless. If there is pain, topical anesthetics can be used to help provide comfort.

Please note: A complimentary consultation is required prior to scheduling all areola restoration appointments.