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Your consultation is complementary when it is scheduled the same day of your procedure. Expect a thorough consultation where we will go over your options, your goals, your post care and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

The service can be a little uncomfortable for those who are more sensitive. However, there is an anesthetic applied during the procedure to keep pain to a minimum to where it is completely tolerable. To be honest, more than half of my clients fall asleep during their procedure!

Permanent makeup is long-lasting and will slowly fade over the course of 1-3 years. Typically, most clients will need a touch up 6 weeks after the initial appointment (included in the fee). After that it varies depending on skin type, how well post care instructions are followed, overall health, and lifestyle of the client. Clients with dry skin will retain color longer than someone with oily skin and larger pores. The technique and color chosen are also important factors. Darker colors, such as black eyeliner, will last the longest. Natural, delicate colors are more vulnerable to the effects of sun, swimming and your skin’s natural emollients. As you become accustomed to your makeup, it’s not uncommon to want more. To keep your makeup looking fresh, a color boost appointment around the 12-18 month mark is recommended.

In my opinion, the pre draw is just as important (if not more) than the actual tattoo itself. I take my time to map out your new shape! I do not use stencils as every face is so different and unique. I do however, use lots of tools that guide me while creating the most flattering shape for your face. Your new design will be exclusively made for YOU! I pride myself on my attention to detail and I do not proceed with the tattoo until we BOTH love your new shape! When choosing your color, I encourage starting off with a lighter shade but still staying close to the natural color of your brows. Your natural complexion and skin tone also play a role in choosing a color. This will ensure the most natural results. Once we know how your skin handles the pigment, we can adjust accordingly at the touch up.

Absolutely not! I actually make it a priority to save as much hair as possible as real hair will always look the best. If any hair needs to be removed, it will be removed using the threading method. It is not uncommon that clients with naturally sparse eyebrows report their hair grows back even better after having permanent makeup applied.

The following restrictions are to ensure your skin is in the best possible condition for your procedure:
- Avoid sunburns/heavy sunlight/tanning two weeks before your procedure
- Do NOT pluck, wax, or thread your eyebrows. Every hair matters!
- Do NOT take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, omega-3, or blood thinners unless medically necessary for 72 hours prior to the procedure.  Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is okay.
- Do NOT drink alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment.
- Do not drink coffee the morning of your appointment.
- Avoid Fillers, Chemical Peels, Laser treatments 4 weeks before the procedure
- Discontinue hair growth serum on lashes and brows at least 4 months prior to your appointment.

Depending on where your Botox is placed, it can affect where your brows sit. Botox can temporarily make one eyebrow higher than the other. Therefore, it is best if Botox is done after your final eyebrow appointment to ensure that I do not “correct” something that was not needed in the first place.

Following your post-care instructions is extremely important to the appearance and longevity of your procedure. Some instructions will include lightly washing your eyebrows with a gentle cleanser, applying the aftercare ointment that will be provided for you, and absolutely no sweating until your eyebrows are done flaking.

There is no “downtime” per se but a healing phase is expected with all procedures. Immediately after your procedure expect for the color to feel bold and more intense than what the final outcome will be. This can be intimidating for some clients, just remember this is temporary but it is part of the process. Around day 3 the pigment will oxidize and the color will appear even darker. This happens right before the flaking cycle starts. DO NOT pick at your flakes! Allow them to fall off on their own. Flaking starts around day 5-10 for most. It can be the scariest part but it is short-lived! It is not uncommon for the color to seem to disappear during the flaking stage. Once the area has completely healed, the color will have the opportunity to resurface. True reflection of healed color can only be assessed 3-4 weeks after treatment. Remember patience is KEY!

*Slight swelling for the lips and eyes is normal post procedure. Most clients do not notice any swelling after 24 hours.

To prevent an infection, it is essential to keep the procedure area clean and free of bacteria, therefore, you cannot put other types of makeup on top of your permanent makeup until you are completely healed (done flaking). Feel free and apply makeup on areas where permanent makeup was not applied. Remember, your final results are expected to be soft and natural- not bold! If you wish to intensify the color it is okay to apply makeup on top once the area has healed.

I am very selective with potential clients who have previous work done by another artist. The technique I offer places the pigment superficially on the skin which is why it looks so powdery and natural when it is healed (also the reason why it fades faster). If your old tattoo/microblading is placed in the deeper layers of the dermis, my only option is to go as deep and dark enough to cover the old tattoo and make it the same density throughout. Personally, I am not a fan of heavy permanent makeup and prefer a more natural result for my clients. I do not "touch up" other artists' work. This is actually more work for me as it usually ends up being a correction. If I have not seen you in the past you would be considered a new client.

If you’ve had previous work done, please email three pictures of your eyebrows or lips for pre-approval. Ensure the pictures are taken in good lighting and that there is no makeup on your eyebrows or lips. For the first picture, include a close up of both eyebrows together. The second picture will be just your left eyebrow and the last picture will show only your right brow. If you are interested in lip blush and your lips have been tattooed in the past, please send pictures as well. These pictures will help me determine if we can move forward with an in person consultation.
I am currently not working on previously tattooed eyeliner. 

*If you have a procedure done with me and go to another artist for a touch up, you are no longer considered my client and pre approval will be required to schedule future appointments. 

For safety reasons, the following should not have permanent makeup applied:
- Anyone under the age of 18
- Pregnant or breastfeeding women
- Anyone with contagious blood diseases like Hepatitis or HIV
- People who are currently undergoing chemotherapy
- Those who have keloid or hypopigmentation
- Problematic skin conditions ex: eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer
- Accutane and steroid users
- Diabetics

If contraindications are not followed, your appointment will be canceled and deposit will be forfeited.